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-- | 1h 52m | 2001

Dark Blue World

-- /5.0
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Puntaje otorgado por los cinéfilos que compraron a través de Fandango y valoraron la película


Having flown for the British Royal Air Force, Czech pilot Franta Slama (Ondrej Vetchy) finds himself imprisoned in a post World War II totalitarian communist labour camp for `betraying` his country. Rewinding this story, award-winning director Jan Sverak takes us back to when Franta and his young protégé Karel Vojtisek (Krystof Hadek) escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to join the Royal Air Force in fighting the Germans. Frustrated at not being allowed to fly against the enemy until they can speak English and their RAF re-training is complete, a strong father and son bond between Franta and Karel quickly develops. After three months of training, they are finally sent into combat, but the stress of the war, plus their mutual love for a married English woman, tests their strong friendship. "Dark Blue World" is a story about love, comradeship and sacrifice told with the nostalgic sentiment of classic Hollywood movies and the romance and historical backdrop of World War II.
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