This is the funny Godzilla reference that nobody expected in 'Moana'

Renato Carrasco Urbano · RenatoCarrascoU

Publicado el 10 de diciembre del 2016

Disney's new film is a favorite to compete for Best Animated Film in the next edition of the Oscars.

Moana continues to bringing thousands of viewers to theaters. The film has been breaking box office records in every country where it was released. Like any good Disney movie, the film starring Dwayne Johnson and Auli'i Cravalho contains some Easter eggs all throughout its running time. Recently , we talked about the funny allusion to Frozen and today we tell you all about the cameo of the popular Godzilla within the acclaimed animated film.

The reference to the Asian giant reptile is in the middle of a sequence in which Moana and Maui decide to visit the so - called "Land of Monsters" —which is in the depths of the ocean— in order to recover a sacred horn that allow the demigod take back their skills transformation and thus face Te Ka, return your heart to Tefi Ti (the mother of all the islands) and save humanity.

(Image: Disney)

During the mission, the protagonist meets all kinds of strange creatures, but they don’t cause as much impact as the brief appearance of Godzilla. While the unmistakable scaly back of the huge dinosaur bursts on the screen for a few seconds, the resemblance is so cunning that one could easily tell it’s Godzilla.

(Image: Legendary Pictures / Warner Bros)

Moana remains at the top of the US box office for the second week. The animated film grossed 28.4 million dollars this weekend and 119.9 million since its release, relegating to second place the also Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Here’s a preview:

(Cover photo: Disney)


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