'Rogue One' as the bigger winner between 'Batman VS Supermanv and 'Civil War' for first opening day box-office records

Renato Carrasco Urbano · RenatoCarrascoU

Publicado el 20 de diciembre del 2016

The first spin-off film based on the Star Wars franchise was released last Thursday and has been breaking world records since.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story is now showing across 47 countries worldwide. Director Gareth Edwards has done a great job in keeping the essence of the original saga in this spin-off. In turn, it creates a new story set in a universe filled with never before seen planets and species. The return of the Force has been well received so far.

Rogue One debuted in theaters last Thursday. In the US alone, it grossed around $29 million on its first opening day beating Batman VS Superman with its $27 million and Captain America: Civil War with its $25 million record. Internationally, Rogue One pocketed nearly $33 million, topping the charts in all countries where it was released.

The film sets up the tone for more upcoming Star Wars movie such as Episode VIII on 2017 and the Han Solo spin-off film on 2018. At this rate, Rogue One could become highest grossing film of the year. Come back for more news about movie’s first opening weekend sales.

(Cover photo: Disney)

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