Rising star Zenia Marshall joins the cast of ‘Date My Dad’

Karen Valbuena

Publicado el 13 de junio del 2017

The Vancouver native is an all-around performer born with a natural talent in singing, acting and dancing.

Raised by a Filipino mother, Zenia Marshall grew up in a family of musical artists. At a young age, she would sing along with her mother and even perform on stage with the whole family.

These bonding moments helped the 18-year-old artist to develop an interest in following the footsteps of her mom, who is a well-known Tina Turner tribute artist. No wonder she has already played lead roles at several school musicals. Marshall also recently starred in the TV movie “Summer of Dreams”, co-starring Debbie Gibson.

This year, the Fil-Canadian is cast to play Mirabel, Barry Watson’s daughter in Date My Dad.

“She’s such a fun character… fashionista, sisters make fun of her ‘cause she’s a big dumb, an airhead, but she’s really smart in her own passion,” the young actress said during her interview with ANC.

airs Friday nights on UPTV.

(Cover photo: UPTV.com)

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