OctoArts Films releases first full trailer for ‘Deadma Walking’

Karen Valbuena

Publicado el 3 de diciembre del 2017

Two gay BFFS: one contracts a terminal illness and asks the other to help him fake his death.

Produced by OctoArts Films and T-Rex Entertainment, Deadma Walking is an official entry to the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.

Deadma Walking is based on the Palanca award winning screenplay by Eric Cabahug. Written in 2014, it tells the story of two gay best friends John (Joross Gamboa) and Mark (Edgar Allan Guzman) whose friendship is shaken up when one of them was diagnosed with a terminal illness. To make the inevitable somehow bearable, the two will attempt to stage a fake death, including a wake and a funeral.

Directed by Juluis Alfonso, Deadma Walking takes a funny spin on fulfilling a dying wish. This film also features Eugene Domingo, Candy Pangilinan, Jojit Lorenzo, Gerald Anderson and Nico Antonio.

(Cover photo: The Philippine Star)

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