‘Never Not Love You’: New JaDine movie on the verge of getting cancelled?

Karen Valbuena

Publicado el 17 de enero del 2018

Director Tonet Jadaone reveals on social media why she’s losing patience on making the new JaDine movie happen.

On Monday, the Love You to the Stars and Back director took it to her blogsite Ilaya Ilawa to inform fans of the anti-climactic turn of events during the filming of Never Not Love You.

The Philippine Entertainment Portal also reports that the cast and crew were supposed to shoot on January 13, but lead stars James Reid and Nadine Lustre did not show up for unknown reasons at the time. One day later, the director confirms on Twitter that the shooting was indeed cancelled.

On January 15, Jadaone expresses her disappointment with the production’s erratic state via her WordPress site.

“Filming for #foolishmovie is becoming erratic. Sayang, andun na ang momentum eh. More and more shooting days cancelled – some reasons are more heartbreaking than others, so heartbreaking they make me cry. Or maybe I am just being overly dramatic, or that’s just really how I value pelikula,” she wrote.

Going by this statement, this can’t be the first time that filming for the upcoming JaDine movie has been cancelled. It must have happened more than once that the director is starting to lose steam and excitement for the project.

“I know myself too well – I work better when I am excited, when I am inspired. Lord, grant me patience. I pray for this movie. I pray for myself too,”

The blog ends with Jadaone taking interest in re-visiting her older projects like “Project Boldstar or Project Soulmate”. As to what really happened between Reid and Lustre last Saturday, Viva Artists Agency have yet to release an official statement.

(Cover photo: lionheartv.net)

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