‘Last Night’: Finding love at the right place at the wrong time

Karen Valbuena

Publicado el 11 de setiembre del 2017

Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga are set to break our hearts again just like how they did it in ‘Starting Over Again’, with this new romantic-drama, ‘Last Night’.

It has been three years since fans last saw Pascual and Gonzaga on the screen together, where they play a dysfunctional couple who at the end decided to separate ways completely.

Here they are back again with another romantic-drama under Star Cinema titled Last Night. This movie revolves around Mark and Carmina as they try to make sense of their chance encounter, which could be a way to escape from their chaotic relationship with their respective significant others.

Directed by Joyce Bernal, Last Night hits theaters September 27, 2017.

(Cover photo: Rappler)

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