Kris Aquino to join the cast of Hollywood’s movie adaptation of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’?

Karen Valbuena

Publicado el 2 de mayo del 2017

Kris Aquino has been rumored to play a character in the upcoming film adaptation of the Kevin Kwan best-selling novel Crazy Rich Asians.

It is no secret that Kris Aquino did audition for "Crazy Rich Asians", an upcoming Hollywood movie based on the 2013 novel of the same title. Sources say that she flew to Los Angeles on Easter Sunday to meet and sign the contract with the Hollywood-based producers.

In "Crazy Rich Asians", novelist Kevin Kwan takes the readers into the world of an old-wealth Singaporean family, specifically the relationship between the matriarch Eleanor Young and her heir, Nick Young. The young heir goes back to Singapore with his girlfriend from New York to attend his friend’s wedding. Through the eyes of Nick, the readers will see how the rich live their lives and keep their secrets at bay.

Kwan followed the novel up with two more stories, "China Rich Girlfriend" in 2015 and "Rich People Problems" this 2017. In these novels, some Filipino elites and lifestyle influencers inspired Kwan to create characters like Diego San Antonio – who might be the Inquirer columnist Anton San Diego – and Doris Hoh – inspired by the Filipino business mogul Doris Magsaysay-Ho.

With this, there is a great likelihood that Kris might have landed the role she auditioned for, although she still goes radio silent about it. Kris Aquino did tease the fans at some point when she posted on Instagram, “At this particular point in my life, to have the Hollywood door open is God-sent.”

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