'Iron Fist': Will Daughters of the Dragon have their own series?

Samantha Cerff · SamanthaCerff

Publicado el 25 de marzo del 2017

Colleen Wing and Misty Knight have already demonstrated their value in the series Iron Fist and Luke Cage, respectively. It is time for them to star in their own program?

In our list of Easter eggs that we found throughout Iron Fist, we would like to comment on the particular name that Colleen Wing uses in her underground fights. The Daughter of the Dragon is a clear reference to the equipment that forms with the heroine Misty Knight in the Marvel Comics and its destiny could change the Marvel Universe.

Although, for the time being, it seems unlikely that the character we saw in Luke Cage will end up being part of the Heroes for Hire team —who basically do jobs in exchange for some retribution— that Misty fights side by side with Colleen is a possibility that could be carried out in The Defenders.

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In the comics, the friends have been part of countless adventures along with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. That is why they will have important parts to play in the next series of Marvel and Netflix. Not at the same level as the Defenders, but maybe a role similar to that played by Claire Temple in all four shows.

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However, do you think it is enough to see them as secondary characters? Not to us. The roles played by Simone Missick and Jessica Henwick deserve so much more than that. In fact, Finn Jones, star of Iron Fist agreed with this idea. “It would be great to see a series with the Heroes for Hire and the Daughters of the Dragon working together to defeat the criminals,” said the actor.

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This spin-off is a possibility that we should not take for granted. We already saw that, after the good reception towards Jon Bernthal, Netflix decided to make a standalone series based on The Punisher. We hope that the case could be repeated with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight.

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