Filmmaker Erik Matti gives his piece on ‘Darna’ and lead star Liza Soberano

Karen Valbuena

Publicado el 5 de julio del 2017

People’s opinion on Liza Soberano as Darna has been divided so far. A lot may say she’s too young for such an adult role but some may agree that she has great potential to pull it off.

Today, the Darna director himself, Erik Matti, shares a few details why he thinks that the Kapamilya actress is the perfect choice for the role.

After two TV versions back in the early 2000s, Darna is now back with a big-screen adaptation. Angel Locsin was the original choice for the titular character but had to be replaced due to her spine injury. It was months of speculations and long list of top picks but in the end, Liza Soberano got the role.

“Liza is a very determined girl. I think she’s really gonna do a really great Darna,” said Matti during his interview with Philippine Star.


“I’m a big superhero fan since a kid, so I think I know how to go about pushing it for the local market. Kasi ang daming Marvel stories eh kaya ayaw mong masabihan ng nangopya. It’s tough.”

Matti also revealed that they have yet to start shooting and teased about having a big production budget for the visual effects.

“The attempt with Darna is to really, really make it a real superhero movie. Fun, exciting, epic, pero di siya nagpapa-joke-joke. Modern talaga. I think that’s the tough part, to execute it properly na elegante.” Matti furthered.

No info on who is going to play the main villain, Valentina, yet but fans might hear some news about who will play Ding soon.

(Cover photo: ABS-CBN)


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