Emilia Clarke says goodbye to the 'Terminator' franchise

Samantha Cerff · SamanthaCerff

Publicado el 31 de marzo del 2017

Many actors in Terminator: Genesis will say goodbye to the franchise. What did the British actress say about it?

Despite the fact that the Mother of Dragons have a very tight schedule, she looked favorable on the possibility of remaining to be a part of the Terminator franchise. However, due to recent decisions regarding its future, Emilia Clarke’s situation has changed and she no longer believes that Sarah Connor is still alive.

As discussed recently, Terminator is going through a series of changes that pushed Arnold Schwarzenegger to say bid his goodbye as well. Emilia Clarke, better known for her role in Game of Thrones, spoke about it and said that this would also be end of her participation in the film series.

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

The same career move happens with the rest of Terminator Genesis, because if the studio decides to make a reboot and place the story arcs in a different timeline, their characters would no longer be needed.

As of the moment, the possibility of making a sequel has been discarded, but there are other cards on the table. According to producer David Ellison, there will be an important announcement to be made related to Terminator saga in the coming months.

(Cover photo: Paramount)


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