Ben Stiller and 9 other stars who fought cancer

Renato Carrasco Urbano · RenatoCarrascoU

Publicado el 5 de octubre del 2016

The famous comedian Ben Stiller confessed of having fought a hard battle against cancer. However, he is not alone as he shares the same struggle with other public figures in Hollywood.

The popular comedian Ben Stiller revealed last night at the radio show The Howard Stern Show that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer about two years ago. However, today, the actor is already out of danger after undergoing a delicate operation that freed him from the terrible disease and its consequences.

Stiller confessed he declined public interviews about his condition because of personal issues, but now he has the determination to tell to the whole world that men of all ages should be aware of cancer and how they can survive it.

"Men fear this test done because once the results turn positive, treatments involving cancer can cause two things: incontinence and impotence", he said.

However, the comedian is not the only one who has gone through this ordeal. Several Hollywood stars have also struggled and continue to struggle against this fatal disease. Find out who they are below:


The actress of the series Modern Family was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which went well fought.

(Source: Modern Family )


She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 1992. After a mastectomy performed to remove the tumor, after six months of chemotherapy completely overcame cancer.

(Source: Grease)


Known worldwide for the TV series Dexter, Hall was also diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Hodgkin's lymphoma.

(Spurce: Dexter)


In 2003, the famous American actor was diagnosed with prostate cancer. De Niro, however, did not let the disease destroy his creative plans and has appeared in more than twenty films since.

(Source: Last Vegas)


"I am one hundred percent healthy", said the actress in an interview, after the rumor broke out with respect to breast cancer suffering. Christina Applegate detect cancer early because he was always aware of her health, and her mom he suffered from the same wrong.

(Source: Married with Children)


Australian actor explained that suffers in the basal cell carcinoma nose, a slight variant of skin cancer.

(Source: Gigantes de Acero)


American actress of 64 years revealed to People magazine who underwent double mastectomy to realize the state of health in which he found himself.

(Source: Misery)


The famous actress who played Miranda in the television series Sex and the City was detected in breast cancer 2002, however it was not until years later when released to the press.

(Source: Sex and the City)


He was diagnosed in 2010 with cancer of the tongue, however, curiously, he lied about the diagnosis, saying it was throat cancer.

(Source: Wall Street)