'Akira': These two filmmakers could direct the live-action remake

Renato Carrasco Urbano · RenatoCarrascoU

Publicado el 29 de marzo del 2017

We reveal to you the people who could oversee the anticipated Hollywood adaptation of the cult anime.

The new live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic cult work, Akira, is one of the longest unplanned film projects ever, although the idea of capturing this mythical sci-fiction story on the big screen has been present in the vision of many Hollywood studios. The adaptation has been in constant postponement since 2002, but now everything points to Warner Bros. as to who can make it happen this time.

For a long time, many names have been rumored to occupy the director's chair; However, there is no official confirmation so far of potential candidates for the post. Filmmakers like Jaume Collet-Serra (Blue Hell), Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) or Christopher Nolan (The Batman saga) have sounded strong for the post; And now, Popcorn Talk reports, this select group is joined by Daniel Espinosa (Life) and David Sandberg (Kung Fury), a speculation that feeds our hopes of seeing the reinvention of the Japanese anime as soon as possible.

(Source: Tokyo Movie Shinsha)

Japanese animations have always enjoyed quite a great popularity in the West, even though our customs are very different from how these characters are inspired by Asian culture. Recent adaptations like Ghost in the Shell show us that it could be received well in this part of the world and possibly a start of a new fever in the next coming years.

(Cover photo: Tokyo Movie Shinsha)

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