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Nicolas Cage charges some debts in this new trailer for 'Arsenal' [VIDEO]

january, 11th 2017
Nicolas Cage is set to return to the big-screen soon with Arsenal, a film about gangsters and revenge.

A few weeks ago, we’ve seen Nicolas Cage on the big-screen with Men of Courage. Today, he’s promoting his new project. Directed by <Steven C. Miller, Arsenal is top billed by John Cusack and Adrian Grenier.

In this trailer, we see Nicolas Cage giving life to Eddie King, a gangster who chases after JP (Grenier). While talking with the boy, King makes it clear that his father owed him a large sum of money and not it’s up to him to pay off the debt.

(Photo: Lionsgate Premiere)

Arsenal follows the story of Mikey and JP Lindel brothers, who only have each other. While JP finds success as a construction company owner, Mikey delves into the mafia world. When JP is kidnapped by gang leader, Eddie King, Mikey turns to an old friend (Cusack) to help him rescue his brother.

Arsenal will be released in the US on January 6. However, there’s no official play date yet as to when this movie will be released internationally.

Here’s the trailer:

(Cover photo: HFG)

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