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Drew Barrymore invites you to satiate your cravings in 'Santa Clarita Diet'

january, 11th 2017
By Renato Carrasco Urbano
The new Netflix series promises to surprise the world by combining drama, comedy, food and romance genres.

There are still many mysteries that revolve around the new dark comedy, Santa Clarita Diet. The series is top billed by Drew Barrymore and is slated to come out on February 3, but Netflix has so far not disclosed the official plot yet. Although the official synopsis tells us that we will have a conventional couple of spouses who will suddenly see their routine altered after a traumatic event in their lives.

A few days ago, Barrymore revealed that the traumatic event in the life of her marriage in the series would be the death of Sheila, her character, who go far beyond the realm of humans only to return as an immortal being with an uncontrollable hunger for human brains.

Now, Netflix has just published two teasers of the series where we can see the protagonists giving new clues about the plot. We can see Sheila and Joel (Timothy Olyphant

(Cover photo: Netflix)

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