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-- | 1h 40m | 2016

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Two high school students have never met each other and live at different places in Japan. Mitsuha is a high school girl who is tired of living in the countryside and dreams of going to the city. Taki is a high school student living in Tokyo who has a keen interest in art and landscape architecture. One day, Mitsuha wakes up in a body of a young man and believes that she is dreaming. The next day, she turns normal and finds out from her friend that she has been behaving very strangely yesterday. On a certain day of the week, she finds herself waking up in the body of the same young man, and after a series of events, she concludes that she and the boy, who is actually Taki, have been switching bodies quite often. They try to find out the mysterious cause behind their body swap and soon discover that there is an important life-changing reason for it.
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