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-- | 2h 13m | 2017

7 Naatkal

-- /5.0
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Puntaje otorgado por los cinéfilos que compraron a través de Fandango y valoraron la película


Gautham, a 20-something Radio jockey lives with his sister and her children and a Siberian Husky named Blacky, which always has a conflict with Pooja, the neighborhood of Gautham, working as a TV anchor in a famous channel 'VTv', which is owned by Vijay Ragunath. While their lives are going peacefully, Gautham gets into a trouble when one of his friend Sam, a photographer is found dead in his apartment. Sai prasad, the head of the crime branch and an expert in spy camera operating, is been called by his step dad Vijay Ragunath for enquiring about an anonymous call, which Prathap later finds out to be Sam before he died. Sai Prasad's team of officers trace Gautham and Pooja as they suspect them with the evidences gathered. Gautham and Pooja gets into trouble and they run from their place to protect themselves.
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